My new site

December 5, 2007

I registered my own name as a .com domain recently. I was amazed it was still available, but I imagine there aren’t that many Dave Nesbitts in the world – or at least none vain enough to register their own .com domain. I was tempted to register some for my kids too, but unfortunately, only two out of three could have .coms and the other would have to make do with a Talk about modern dilemmas… Do I register the .coms and the or do I get them all so that no-one is favoured?

Anyway, I’ve been moving my content over from here to there slowly and playing around with formats and other content. Take a look – it’s

I’ll probably move over there permanently fairly shortly, so the many thousands of you who are subscribed to my feeds will need to adjust your settings and come on over.


UK Government Loses My Bank Details

November 20, 2007

Along with 25,000,000 others. Read this if you dare. Personally, I find it utterly beyond belief. A complete idiot employed (hopefully not for long) by the UK Revenue and Customs office copied the personal details of all families in the UK with a child under 16, including their bank details, to two CDs, then popped them in the internal mail where they subsequently disappeared. I’m lost for words. And the Government wants to convince us that they can be trusted with a National ID database? Not a chance, not now, not ever. I hearby pledge myself totally to the cause of opposing the ID card and database initiative – not on any privacy or civil liberties grounds (although I am sure there are plenty of them), just simply because Government IT people cannot be trusted. As sure as eggs is eggs, if they build a National ID database the project will run massively over budget, be delivered late, on old technology, and then some poorly paid, poorly motivated and poorly managed dweeb will accidently send it to their grandma, or put it on a laptop that gets stolen or (far fetched, I know) put it on a CD and pop it in the post.

This r stupid blog

November 14, 2007


That’s a bit harsh, kitty. We’ve only just begun. Granted, it’s not got off to a great start, but give it time. It’s going to be a travelogue of one man’s journey around the UK, Europe and (occasionally) the US bringing Identity Management to the masses. There will be highs and lows, tears and laughter, good days and bad, ADAM and AD, ILM and MIIS. It won’t be highbrow, intellectual or visionary. It’ll be lowbrow, verging on the stupid at times, and reactionary. I’m a simple man, easily amused.

But don’t write me off just yet. Stick around, make a comment , send me an Identity lolcat of your own. Together we can do great things. Or at least learn a little and amuse ourselves at the same time. And that can’t be a bad thing, can it?

I can has identity?

November 11, 2007


Yes kitty, you can. It is much better than a cheeseburger.